International Financial institution:
Supporting the Board of Directors in all Human Capital related topics during a challenging period of significant change.
FMCG multinational:
Supporting the Country Business Manager during the selling of the organization, advising on Human Resources related issues and how to manage communication and maintain focus and motivation of all involved.





> Multiple sector experience supporting people in shifting from their traditional ways of doing things, helping them improve the aspects they identify they need to develop and thus reaching their goals. Working with professionals from different levels:
C Level: CEO, CFO, and COO
Director: Sales, Marketing, HR and Factory
Middle Management and Team Leader positions
Sports Mental Coaching to athletes making them believe in themselves and become mentally stronger, helping them attain their full potential.
> Sports Mental Coaching to athletes making them believe in themselves and become mentally stronger, helping them attain their full potential.


> FMCG multinational company, after being sold:
Managing a Cultural Transformation by introducing and bringing alive the new values and purpose of the company and integrating the new Management Team.
Managing the Procedural Transformation by creating new Ways of Working and introducing new processes.
Designing and implementing a new performance evaluation system.
> Pharmaceutical Industry Management project:
Launching of a new department, defining processes and designing procedures and Ways of Working that was considered a best practice and later served as benchmark and implemented in other geographies.
> International Financial Institution Cultural Transformation project:
Introduction of a new mindset in order to increase flexibility, making it more agile in VUCA times and preparing it to better adjust to regulatory change and anticipate market dynamics.


> Aviation multinational:
Analysis of a critical department of the company and subsequent redesign and definition of Key Positions and respective Succession Plan keeping in mind efficiency.
> FMCG multinational:
Analysis and redesign of the organization in result of a merger of two business units, defining new positions and responsibilities, taking each one’s experience, talent and potential into consideration and ensuring a place for each professional that allowed all to thrive in the new structure.
> FMCG industrial multinational company:
Management of a Process Optimization Project in order to improve efficiency, that led to the reorganization of two departments, allowing a more efficient work distribution, as well as cost reduction initiatives.



 > FMCG and Pharmaceutical Industry Management Audits and Management Assessments Projects:
Design and coordination of processes for top levels of the organizations with subsequent feedback sessions and the setting up of development plans.
FMCG and Pharmaceutical Industry Development Centres Projects:
Management of processes in order to evaluate the potential for next roles of young talents.
> FMCG and Pharmaceutical Industry Projects:
Management of Assessment Centres to select appropriate internal candidates for new positions as well as part of recruitment processes for external candidates.



 > Multiple sectors and levels:
Designing workshops, namely in order to develop Leadership Skills, introduce Change Management mindset and Coaching competencies.
Delivering training sessions and workshops to different levels of the organization structure (from C Level to Blue Colour).






 > International Talent Mapping for an FMCG company:
Management of international scope Talent Mapping of Portuguese professionals abroad for an FMCG company.
> Mass Recruitment Project for a major Bank:
Management of a recruitment process of 120 positions nationwide in 5 weeks, coordinating a team of Consultants.
> Executive Search processes for diverse sectors (e.g. Banking, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Industry and IT):
For senior positions in Portugal and abroad (e.g. Morocco and Switzerland).